Digital Japanese History

絵本水や空、耳鳥斎 画、3冊 (合1冊) ; 23cm、平安、八文字屋八左衛門、安永9 [1780]、、出典:国立国会図書館「NDLイメージバンク」 (

Constantly learning about new pedagogical methods and tools, we decided to introduce in 2011 a new pedagogy to the FLA. We initiated a project funded by the Education Innovation Program (Reacting to the Past [RTTP], 2012–2014), which has become since an important integral part of the core program in the FLA and introduced Sophia and Japan to this leading pedagogy by holding and participating at various workshops. In addition, due to her early involvement, Sophia University is the only non-US university that is a founding consortium member.


Next to RTTP, in my (BGO) own research as a historian, DH has become an integral part of research since 2010, which led to funded projects, publications, and presentations at international symposia and conferences. For the relational database, called Japan Biographical Database, see!/).