Digital Japanese History

絵本水や空、耳鳥斎 画、3冊 (合1冊) ; 23cm、平安、八文字屋八左衛門、安永9 [1780]、、出典:国立国会図書館「NDLイメージバンク」 (


  • To contribute to educational innovation by introducing the Digital Humanities (DH) methods and tools to Sophia University and to Liberal Arts Education in Japan. Applying DH is an innovative approach to Liberal Arts Education consisting of a more collaborative and creative approach to history while maintaining rigorous academic standards. The interactive classroom activities promote student engagement to increase, improve, and complicate critical thinking skills.
  • To conduct workshops designed to train faculty at Sophia University in the approach to education.
  • To implement the use of various class modules developed for undergraduate and graduate education that are currently available in the classroom environment at Sophia, with the goal of making DH an integral part of the curriculum for both the undergraduate and graduate program.
  • To develop and test a set of DH modules that explore important moments in Japanese history (e.g. the Meiji Restoration or the Sengoku period) for use in the FLA history, art, and literature programs, as well as the GPGS program.
  • To make available online the results by the students that will make the DH classes widely known and available for use in classes relating to Japanese history or critical thinking not only at Sophia but other universities as well.